Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hey God? It's Me Calling....

Dear Reader,

Ever since I left for university in February 2014, it has been a whirlwind of emotions and events.

The first week was especially difficult for me as I missed home terribly. I cried every single day. I would see think to myself, "Dad would like this book! Mom would definitely get that lip-balm! My brothers would love this game!" and I would suddenly be hit with the longing for home. At night, I'd wish that the family dog was with me just so I could cuddle her and so I would not be that cold.

As the weeks passed, I became accustomed to remain constantly in contact with my family. Whenever a difficult situation arose, I would call home.

After a particularly embarrassing event occurred, I didn't care that it wasn't the usual time I called home or that my parents were probably not in. I just called, no second thoughts.

I spent time talking to my siblings, who cheered me up in their own special way. Just by telling them what had happened and listening to their voices, I felt the embarrassment fade away. By the time the call ended, I was ready to face reality.

But as I walked home, I realised I hadn't called one really important Person. I realised that it was so easy for me to call my family, but so difficult to call the One Who is closer than them.

It was with a huge effort on my part to call out to Jesus. I had to squash the feelings that told me I had already talked to Him yesterday. I had to fight the thoughts that said I didn't have to. So it was with this internal struggle that I raised my eyes to the sky and said,

"Hey, God? It's me calling."

It's a struggle for me to pray at times. I think this is something everyone can relate to. I'm not saying I suddenly found it easier to pray, because I didn't.

What I am saying is that, when I have struggle in prayer or reading the Word, something tugs at me and says, "Have you called out to Jesus?"

And that's the best time call out to Him.